Don't be afraid of being different, be afraid of being like everyone else.


And thanks for visiting. ABOUT ME: I'd say I'm a free spirit and well rounded which has ignited my creativity. As a designer I'm artistic and conceptual with an eclectic visual vocabulary and an offbeat, quirky sense of humor. Brand identity, packaging, photo shoots, guerrilla marketing and full blown campaigns on multiple platforms. I'm also into writing kids books and lyrics. I love to inspire with the unexpected in whatever I do.

I'm always being creative. I've realized the happiest times are the most creative ones and the times I've made those around me inspired and/or laugh.

In 2013 I traveled around the world to get back to who I was and to find out who I wanted to be. The results, experiences and people I've met have changed me forever. I'm designing the life I want to live - which involves being creative and also taking the time to live it!

Shoot me an email if you'd wanna talk about a project, ask me about Wimbledon or perhaps a house trade somewhere in the world??